A Project by Premier Developers:

Premier Developers are best-known for their innovation and excellence in the field of construction & development. After over 30 years of hard work and dedication, they have earned their stripes as the most reliable and prolific real estate developers of Pakistan. Through strategic partnerships with Pakistan’s top interior designers, engineers and architects, Premier Developers have erected some of the finest structures in the country.

LYALLPUR GALLERIA II Owner & Developers :

The Premiere developer and builder are the developers of the Lyallpur Galleria II. The CEO of Lyallpur Galleria II Is SOHAIL KHATTAK


After an incredibly successful launch of Lyallpur Galleria in Faisalabad, having sold out almost all units in under a year, the Premier Developers are proud to present Lyallpur Galleria 2! The second iteration of the Lyallpur Galleria also features an elegant design and world class facilities. Covering a large area of over a million square feet, the Lyallpur Galleria (II) Faisalabad offers a vast area on each of the 6 retail floors. This project is set to become even more popular than the first Lyallpur Galleria, as the Premier Developers continue to push the boundaries of possibility!

After successfully launching Lyallpur Galleria in Faisalabad, selling all units in a year, the Premier Developers are proud to present Lyallpur Galleria II



The Perfect Investment:

Lyallpur Galleria II offers several options on each floor including shops and showrooms. You can book a guided tour or visit the Lyallpur Galleria 2 Faisalabad yourself to look for the ideal location within the mall. Much like its predecessor, Lyallpur Galleria II is bound to witness a massive daily footfall of customers. The project offers various shops and showrooms of varying sizes to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Due to its captivating design, beautiful architecture, and central location, the Lyallpur Galleria 2 will undoubtedly be the biggest shopping center in Faisalabad.

World-Class Amenities:

Inside the food court is an enormous dedicated entertainment space that comprises both electronic VR games as well as a state-of-the-art soft play area, suited for all ages.


Advance Fire Safety

Standby Power Generator

Spacious Parking


Climate Control

Excellent Cleanliness

State of the Art Toilets

Property Management


Speedy Lifts



Play Area


The well planned and enormous basement can easily accommodate 700 vehicles. This includes a dedicated Mosque that has enough space for over 500 worshippers. Outside, in front of the mall, an additional 300 vehicles can be parked.

Grand Architecture:

The word “beautiful” doesn’t do justice to the architectural genius behind Lyallpur Galleria II! The Lyallpur Galleria II is a timeless master-piece; a truly wondrous feat of engineering and architecture. The shopping polestar is built using the best modern construction techniques while incorporating an elegant Neo-Classical design. The architecture draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the beautiful city of Faisalabad. Built over a massive 5 acres of land, the Lyallpur Galleria II is 3x larger in size than its predecessor.

Spacious & Attractive Interior:

Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad (II) showcases a spacious and luxurious interior that incorporates high-quality materials and premium finishing. The clever interior design ensures that customers have the best shopping experience, with 25 feet wide passages and large open spaces within the mall. The shops are also spacious and have excellent positioning to maximize visibility. The entire galleria uses central air conditioning to create a pleasant and cool atmosphere inside.

Prime Location:

Lyallpur Galleria II boasts an impressive and strategic location on main Samundri Road, which is a major artery in the heart of Faisalabad. This central location provides easy access to thousands of shoppers and visitors who live in nearby areas like Pansera, Samundari, Gojra and Dijkot. Lyallpur Galleria II will undoubtedly experience a large influx of visitors daily from every corner of Faisalabad.

Castle of International Brands:

Lyallpur Galleria II opens up a myriad of investment options and benefits for big and small businesses. Set to be the biggest entertainment hub of the city, it has garnered fame, brand loyalty, and prestige throughout Pakistan as the most widely discussed investment opportunity of the year. A true benchmark.

Grand Food Court:

Discover the finest foods and flavors from across the world! Featuring national and international chains that cater to everyone’s unique tastes. Take a break and enjoy a multitude of diverse cuisines ranging from Desi, Asian Fusion, Italian, Mexican, Arabian and European food. Cafes and exquisite fine dining restaurants at the corners complement the outdoor terraces.

Super Market:

Find everything that you can possibly need with a vast collection of groceries, household goods, confectionary, quality edible items and electronics at the premium Cash n Carry spread over 70,000+ sq ft, the biggest one in the city.

Play Zone:

Inside the food court is an enormous dedicated entertainment space that comprises both electronic VR games as well as a state-of-the-art soft play area, suited for all ages.


Basement Floor Plan:

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